This is the first of The Homemover’s Top Tips for preparing your house for sale.

Start with your kerb appeal and garden.

First impressions count – so weed the drive, jet wash the patio and tidy it all up. And then move onto the garden.

Now I’m not a massive gardener – in fact one might call me reluctant. The problem is I don’t really know what I’m doing so I just stand there wondering where to start. If you’re like this, then I may have found our solution.

Laetitia Maklouf’s The Five Minute Garden takes the decision making out of the process and acts a springboard. It’s packed with five-minute things you can try over the gardening year. These bursts of activity are split into Spruce, Chop, Nurture, Fuss and Project. So simple. I’m now found dead heading flowers, tying everything as it grows and I’m just finishing planting more perennials for the summer.

“But all the garden centres are closed” I hear you cry.

But they’re still on-line. I’ve just received a delivery of amazing compost and bedding plants from Perfect Choice. And I am waiting for some Hostas from Bowden’s Nursery. Perfect Choice usually supplies garden centres but  is now selling direct. I found Bowden’s Nursery from an article in Homes and Property. It was about sales of plants after the Chelsea Flower Show was cancelled. And they all need supporting.

All I need now is to find a source for vegetable plants. Then, I can start the small patch put aside for a market garden!

So if you’re looking for top tips for preparing your house for sale, or just keen to turn it into a haven for you to carry on enjoying, now there’s no excuse. The sun’s out, find out what you’re supposed to be doing with The Five Minute Garden and buy those plants. Then sit back and enjoy your garden with a nice glass of something appropriate.

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