Relocating to the UK

Settling your family into your new home

Relocation should be an adventure for you and all of your family – not a trauma to be endured. Whether you’re moving by choice or because your employer has relocated you, it’s an exciting step into the unknown.

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This can be even more daunting when you are coming to the UK from overseas – the complexities of a property market that’s different to what you are used to can make the experience traumatic and stressful, leaving little for you to celebrate when you arrive.

Because we know how busy you are – often trying to manage a demanding job, the family and significant time difference too – we become be your representative on call in the UK handling all the day-to-day issues for you.

We keep you up to date with what’s going on and summarise key decisions you need to make; we chat these through in an update call at a convenient time for you, or via email. You can relax knowing that your move is being managed for you every step of the way, leaving you free to concentrate on your career, your family and your next home.

We can help you with essentials like finding you somewhere to buy or rent, negotiating the deal and seeing through the transaction, as well as dealing with every aspect of setting up your new life in the UK. We manage it to the finest detail, so that you can save your energy for the fun parts of your relocation – letting us take care of the rest.

Are you relocating to the UK?

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The Homemover Specialist

Relocation services…

  • Finding you a property in an ideal location

  • Finding the best schools and colleges

  • Registering with selected doctors and dentists

  • Setting up utilities, bank accounts, mobile (cell) phones, insurance cover

  • Sourcing rental furniture

  • Locating local leisure and arts facilities

  • Advising on your new local neighbourhood.

Remember, we build a plan around YOUR needs and can do as much or as little as you want us to.

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Meirion will quickly be able to assess what needs to be done and explain the sort of help that might be best for you, leaving you free to focus on your priorities.

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“Relocation should be exciting – you know your main concerns, share them with us, confident in the knowledge, that our local insider knowledge can solve them for you. Let us be your surrogate friend for your move.”

One client’s story …

“Mr Morris and family, USA to London

Mr. Morris was moving with his work from the USA to London with his wife and two teenage children. They had chosen ACS Hillingdon for the schooling and now needed to work out where to live. With bus services running from St John’s Wood, Chiswick and the local towns and villages, he didn’t even know whether they should live in the country or in London.

We shortlisted a few suitable areas and, over a couple of days intensive orientation alongside him and his wife, we found and secured a beautiful house.

“They were going to be arriving 3 months before their belongings so we organised rental furniture and set it up so when they arrived the house was ready to move into, and having shown them round the area, provided a detailed “bible” of it to help them find their feet as quickly as possible and enjoy their summer holiday staycation.

“ Jamie and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support, knowledge and diligence in supporting our relocation from Atlanta Georgia to the United Kingdom.  We both feel that we could not have accomplished this daunting task without your support.  Your assessment and recommendations on schools, housing, and location all turned out to be Brilliant.  Jamie and I were sitting in the garden last Sunday looking back, and thought, we were so lucky in finding the correct schools, home, and the wonderful little village of Gerard’s Cross.  The fact is, we were not lucky.  It’s was your diligence and experience in the local markets that brought us to this garden.  I would also like to express that I personally could not have accomplished all the demanding tasks of the move, while trying to function properly at work, without your weekly, and thoughtful “To-Do-List” that focused my efforts and made the process much more efficient.  In summary, after a few months here in the UK, the family has successfully settled in, the children have made a successful transition, and your efforts are deeply appreciated by the Morris’s.  Please stop by for a glass of wine or coffee when in the area. All the best…Brian  ”

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