Meirion helped my parents downsize from their family home that they’d been in for 45 years and without her advice and guidance, I don’t think it would have happened.

She picked up very quickly what was important to my parents and was with them every step of the way from sorting through cupboards, to organising removals, and unpacking. It ended up being longer and more complicated for my parents than they had thought as they had to do major building work on their new property but she kept reminding them of the end goal and always kept up their spirits – at times very hard especially as my father was reluctant to move and was as unenthusiastic as you can be when looking at new houses! Meirion was fantastic at “managing” him without the emotion involved as a family member.

Her organisation skills were excellent and she had thought of every detail, lots of small things that we, her family, hadn’t thought of. Their furniture was really important to them so she prepared templates of their most treasured items and then laid them out in their new property to show them they would fit in – it gave them huge reassurance.

She really cared that everything was right for Mum and Dad, highlighted by the thoughtful display of family photos arranged in their new property which brought tears to their eyes when they walked in on the first day.

I would highly recommend Meirion if you / your parents are thinking of downsizing and need a little help.

Natasha Roberts – Reigate, Surrey

Does moving house fill you with horror? Then worry no more and meet ‘The Homemover’.

They masterminded our move from start to finish, from decluttering to moving in and all the paperwork.

By the end of ‘moving in’ day the house looked a though we had been in residence for sometime thanks to them.

All the staff are delightful and I can honestly say I enjoyed our ‘moving experience’.

Marion and James Wyatt Cobham

With two daughters working full-time and small children, I didn’t want to be a burden but moving out of our family home of 45 years was going to be a challenge. The Homemover team, in particular Debra and Meirion, couldn’t have been more helpful, empathetic and amazing. Here I am now in my new home, everything I wanted to bring fits, all my worries and concerns over and I am hugely grateful. I can’t believe how lucky I was to find them.

Linda Chapman Horsell

The girls from The Homemover organised a double move and house clearance with speed, efficiency, sensitivity and humour. They made an emotional and stressful situation much easier and supported us every step of the way. We would recommend them to anyone who needs help and guidance with moving home.

Morag Dalton, Surrey

I would like to add my thanks for the support you gave me – I am not sure I would have been able to do it on my own!

Samantha (daughter of Morag)

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