Meirion Shaw - Founder of The Homemover Specialist
Meirion Shaw - Founder of The Homemover Specialist

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Integrity, honesty, trust and empathy

Meirion started the Homemover Specialist in 2012, having seen how the process of moving impacted a number of people in her close circle of family and friends.

Within months of each other, both her mother-in-law and her godmother downsized. Meirion was able to give her mother-in-law lots of hands on and emotional support whereas, due to logistics and location, her Godmother found she had to battle with it all on her own.

Whilst both successfully completed their moves, one was ready for her next adventure, whereas the other was physically and emotionally exhausted.

Fairly soon after this, Meirion’s friend’s marriage ended and he needed help finding and setting up a new home whilst balancing his demanding job, so Meirion stepped in and gave a hand. Some American friends then decided to move to the UK and needed help finding schools, a new home and advice on how to circumnavigate the English way of life! Once again, it was Meirion to the rescue!

Collectively, this all made Meirion stop and think!

“These experiences made it clear to me that, when friends and family just aren’t able to help, there was a clear role for a surrogate daughter or friend during the house move process; someone who could reduce a lot of the emotional and physical stress associated with moving.

“My aim was provide a valuable resource with experience of buying, selling, renting, and relocating to the UK, as well as being a hand holder, a sounding board and shoulder to cry on too.

“I wanted to help with anything and everything from finding the right property to live in, decluttering, selling and buying furniture, to unpacking and putting away their belongings on move day and recommending schools. Whatever people needed.

“I also wanted to do it differently to the way I could see the competition operating. To me, the potential emotional impact of moving – particularly with downsizing projects – has to be at the heart of everything we do.”

Family values at the heart of The Homemover

Meirion has never forgotten that, for her, it all began with family, which is why integrity, honesty, trust and empathy are the cornerstones of The Homemover. She truly understands that moving can be very stressful – even traumatic at times –and her aim is simply to remove as much of that stress as possible.

Meirion now has a team of dedicated Homemover Planners working alongside her. Each is an experienced project manager in their own right who combine their organising skills with empathy and a sense of fun, making moving to a new house altogether less stressful and much more enjoyable.

There is also a team of very experienced UnPackers too, who can make a massive difference to the trauma of moving day.

If you think we can help you, please do contact us.

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