What a lovely way to be greeted! This week we have started to help our new client, Mrs X and so far it has been quite the journey. Mrs X is downsizing to a smaller property and needed help with decluttering and sorting through all the belongings she had accumulated over the years.

Of course when she said “I feel 10 years younger already” we were delighted – it means our help was really working. So what was it that made her feel like this? We asked Mrs X to elaborate on such a bold statement and she gave us five main reasons.

  1. She’s stopped feeling guilty about having to rely heavily on her already very busy daughter for help with everything.
  2. She had someone she could turn to, to ask all those questions that she felt were too insignificant to bother anyone about, but were bothering her.
  3. She had a “partner in crime” for the move, both physically and mentally. Someone to talk to ad nauseam about her curtains, what furniture, etc. to take and who could physically help with the house clearance, decluttering, and charity runs.
  4. She felt her anxiety falling away as she now felt protected and cocooned with our help.
  5. She had had her first night’s sleep for as long as she could think of.

Moving house can be really stressful – especially if you feel a little isolated. Many of us get stressed when we can’t control every aspect of our lives and we all know that often the home moving process consists of a lot of waiting to hear from people and mysterious jargon.

Mrs X is the kind of person who has always been in control and now suddenly she’s not; this leads to huge amounts of anxiety leading on to all kinds of physical and mental turmoil. Getting us involved has really helped her. Now she has the right kind of support, has stopped feeling guilty about having to rely so heavily on her daughter, and feels like she is back in control.

If this sounds familiar and you, or a friend/relative needs some support with moving house; whether it’s downsizing, decluttering or packing, get in touch with us via email or call us on 01483 255895. You can also visit our website to find out more about The HomeMover Specialist and follow us on our social channels Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.