It’s the hurdles preventing your parents downsizing that need to be overcome rather than agreeing on the reasons for them to downsize.

We all know the reasons, especially after the recent lockdown where so many were isolated and supporting them became much more difficult.

Reasons for your parents to downsize might include

  • their current house is too big for them to maintain anymore
  • they’d like to cut monthly costs
  • their garden is too large to manage anymore
  • they’re living alone and would like somewhere offering companionship and activities
  • they’re struggling to live on their own due to mobility, mental fragility or other health issues
  • they want to release capital
  • they’d like to move closer to family
  • they’re lonely and would like to move to somewhere with lots of companionship and support
  • they’ve struggled on their own during the Corona virus lockdown
  • you’re spending a disproportionate amount of your time having to help them

But whilst there might be no disagreement on the reasons for downsizing, there still might be no agreement to move it forward.

So what are the hurdles stopping your parents downsizing from their family home?


Can there be a right time to move? Should they downsize once the children have flown the nest? But at that point, even if every bedroom isn’t being used, the children still come home for family events and they’re still enjoying entertaining in the house and garden. Do they wait until everyone has got married in the garden or do they wait until the garden is too much for you to manage? Often they wait too long as agreeing on the right moment never happened.

Emotional ties

Do not overestimate the emotional attachment to the family home of all members of the family. It is not just the parents ties, it’s often their children too. People do not like change. The family home is an institution. Often the family house is the corner stone of stability as it hasn’t changed when everything around it has.


Moving to a smaller property isn’t something that anyone wants to shout about, as it is perceived as a backwards step. The prestige of living in a beautiful big house cannot be underestimated, even if it’s no longer appropriate for whatever reason.


Some love having the space to be able to entertain family and friends. They value the additional space so they can have family and guests to stay and entertain in their own home.


They will save money by moving to smaller better insulated property, however moving is expensive. You can’t get away from the fact that moving house is expensive. There are estate agents fees ranging from 1-2% plus VAT. There’s stamp duty ranging from 2-12% of the value of the property you’re buying. Plus solicitors fees, cost of removals, renovations or “stamping your own style” on your new home.

Maybe people would move more frequently if it wasn’t so expensive and so stressful. Then getting stuck in the family house might become an issue of the past.


Do not underestimate the hassle of moving, finding somewhere that they actually want to move to, decluttering years of memories, selling excess items, changing addresses. It takes time, energy and perseverance. Moving is after all the third most stressful life event after death and divorce.

The reasons for your parents to downsize may be clear. Understanding the hurdles preventing your parents downsizing will help you work through them.

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