There are many reasons to downsize but one of my favourites is downsizing so you can be empty nesters.

Those of us lucky enough to have children, love them to pieces. And a lot of us have had them all back for lockdown, and loved it. But there is a natural order of things. And that says that when they reach a certain age, they should want to move out and live their own lives.

And most of them do.

However, not all of them.

I was viewing a beautiful 5-bedroom property for a client the other day and had been told by the estate agent that the property was for sale as the couple wanted to downsize.

Knowing this, I was slightly surprised, during the viewing, to find every one of the 5 double bedrooms obviously occupied. Wardrobes bursting, dirty washing everywhere, coffee mugs on bedside tables – it looked more like  student shared house than anything.

On speaking to the owners at the end of the viewing, I brought this up and questioned why they were looking to downsize when the house was fully occupied.

The mother’s response was classic. “It’s the only way we’re going to get rid of them. Life is far too comfy here for them all. They originally moved back, one by one, with their other halves, so they save to buy their own places. They’ve all done that now, but our house is so comfortable and such fun there’s no incentive to move on. So we’re selling it from under them. They don’t even know it’s on the market!”

She’s not the only one with this cunning plan. And it works. Downsizing so you can be empty nesters is a real phenomenon.

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Photo by Roi Dimor on Unsplash