It is clear that COVID-19 is here to stay and we need to work whilst minimising the risks to clients and The Homemover team.

  1. All employees of The Homemover have been double vaccinated and have either had their booster jabs or waiting for them.
  2. Before visiting elderly or at risk clients, we carry out lateral flow tests, completing at least one a week.
  3. We are happy to wear masks during meetings if you’d like us to.
  4. When unpacking, it is very uncomfortable to wear masks so we ask clients not to be in the same rooms and we have the windows open for ventilation.
  5. When decluttering with a client, we adopt social distancing and keep windows open for ventilation
  6. We are aware that some people have greater concerns about the virus than others. We encourage our clients to brief us on their concerns so we can apart our working practises for them