It is clear from the change of emphasis in the PM’s message of Sunday 10th May, that many industries are being encouraged to return to work, but only on the basis of it being unviable for them to work from home AND having the ability to comply with the stipulated social distancing measures.

To this end, The Homemover is following this advice and is going back to work whilst putting the following measures in place for their teams.

  1. If any of the Homemover family, or anyone they have come in contact with, is concerned that they may have the COVID-19 virus, they will follow NHS advice. They will not visit clients until safe to do so.


  1. The whole Homemover Family are following industry guidance from the UK’s Public Health Authorities and World Health Organisation for in-home care givers which includes emphasis on the importance of safe handwashing and wearing face coverings in supermarkets.


  1. In line with the latest government advice, to minimise the risk of transmission through safe working procedures, if neither the member of the Homemover Team or client is symptomatic, PPE is not required above and beyond normal good hygiene practices. However, we understand that certain clients feel very vulnerable right now and so masks and gloves will be worn if they so wish.


  1. Cleaning: regularly used surfaces and objects will be wiped down with ant-bacterial disposable wipes at regular intervals and these will be disposed of responsibly.


  1. Hands will be washed more often than usual for 20 seconds using soap and hot water, particularly after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose.


  1. To reduce the spread of germs, when coughing or sneezing cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or your sleeve (not your hands) if you don’t have a tissue and throw the tissue in a bin immediately, then wash your hands.


  1. Maintain social distance as far as possible


  1. If we need to work in teams, we have family-based teams who will not need to socially distance so can work together decluttering, packing or unpacking. These teams will not meet to prevent cross contamination.


  1. When working with clients, we will use side-by side working rather than face-to-face whenever possible.


  • The team will drive in their own vehicles to work, which will be regularly cleaned with an emphasis on handles and other areas passengers may touch.


  • The Homemover team will provide their own food and drink and take breaks outside where possible and use their own tools and pens and will remove all waste at the end of the job.


  • Prior to working with a new client, a risk assessment will be carried out, this is for the safety of our staff and the client and their families and to understand everyone’s concerns, including a list for them to implement eg; cleaning surfaces and hands before the team arrive, leaving internal doors open, opening windows, etc.


  • In order for houses to be left vacant on the day of completion, and whilst the charity shops and household recycling sites are closed, we have secured additional short term storage facilities to clear to.