Why do we have so much stuff? It’s not weird to admit that you like “stuff” or that you’ve got too much of it. We’re all drawn to the pretty, shiny, (useful) stuff that we see in catalogues or in shops. It’s been like that since we were old enough to grab onto things with baby fingers.

And, once we’ve accumulated things, we’re loathed to let go.


War-child mentality

For the older generation, think war-child mentality. They grew up when things were in short supply and expensive so they made things last as long as possible. If they bought something, they would hang on to it “just in case”. It’s a badge of honour not to be wasteful so don’t throw things away. If it was inherited, then it’s their role to look after it and then gift it onto the next generation – whether they want it or not.

And there is guilt of being wasteful if you throw items away that still have life in them. Even if you have lots of them.

Mass consumerism and status

For the younger generation, think mass consumerism and status symbols.

Whereas it used to be a full days walk to the shops and back, now it’s a click on a computer and hey presto it arrives on your doorstep the following day.

Currently, everything is plentiful, mass produced and if it comes in lots of colours, then you need them all. Or at least the retailers make you think you do.

You can replace almost everything for less than £20 in less than 20 minutes.

We have a clutter epidemic on our hands, because it’s so easy to add to our already burgeoning collections. Clothes, gadgets, flat pack furniture, decorative goods, entertainment, toys and more clothes.

Some people buy when they’re happy. Some people buy when they’re unhappy. Some people buy simply because it’s Saturday afternoon and the special offer might finish that day.

There’s a trend to believe that we’re nothing if we don’t have the right “stuff”, the right brands, the latest gadget.

Look at the amount celebrities are paid to endorse products.

Why do we have so much “stuff”? Because we’ve been made to believe our stuff is a reflection of who we are.

But does it?

And are we happy with so much stuff?

Personal experience says not.

Every client we have worked with feels lighter and more in control with less “stuff”.

Whether decluttering with clients when they move house so they only take the items that they really want. Or, decluttering with clients when they’re making the most of the exiting home. They all feel lighter once ridded of the items that didn’t make their lives more complete.

And it doesn’t make any difference whether they’re 39 or 89.

We understand why we all have too much “stuff”. We understand why it’s difficult to reduce the amount of “stuff” we have. We understand how to help clients do this.

So, for a happier and more simplified life, do something that goes against the grain and ask for help with your decluttering.

The Homemover

It takes time and energy to declutter your house. If you would like a chat about how the Homemover Specialist could save you time and help with decluttering for a house move or a house stay put, contact us on 01483 255895 or by email.

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Photo by Onur Bahçıvancılar on Unsplash