Here are The Homemover’s Top Tips for moving house during COVID-19. Moving house is stressful enough even in the best of times so how do you minimise the risk of transmitting or catching the virus and the risk of the chain breaking down?


The Chain

The shorter the chain the better. The chain is the number of transactions involved in your house sale. If you are buying a new build which is empty, you are at the top of the chain. The first tie buyer (or cash buyer) is at the bottom of the chain. Work with your estate agent to make sure everyone in the chain has the money to buy whether it’s cash and the estate agent has seen the bank statement or a pre-approved mortgage offer. Get your estate agent to proactively manage the chain and agree time scales with each person and their solicitor. This is where employing for a good estate agent is worth its weight in gold.



To prevent chains falling apart and breaking legally binding contracts between exchange and completion, many solicitors are advocating exchanging and completing on the same day. This may be sensible from a lawyer’s perspective as there are no contracts being broken if one of the interested parties falls ill before completion and cannot move. However, realistically it means that anyone in the chain can pull out right up until the day of the move.

So how to mitigate for this?

  1. Employ experienced specialist conveyancing solicitors
  2. Make sure there is momentum for the move and everyone in the chain has the same time plan in place so that you know that a week before the agreed date
    1. All the searches contracts have been conducted
    2. All queries answered
    3. All documents signed (If you need documents witnessed, you can still ask your neighbour as long as you are 2m apart and they can see you sign, then get them to sign using their own pen)
    4. All mortgage monies have been drawn down
  3. Call your solicitor daily until they can confirm that everyone in the chain is absolutely ready to just date the contracts.



Hopefully you’re using the move as a chance to declutter all the unnecessary stuff in your house – either to the dump or the charity shops. But, charity shops are still closed and the household recycling sites are not taking everything yet. So, for now, hire a cheap and cheerful lock up garage nearby and store everything there. Get it out of the house before the day of completion.



The removals company is going to need to come into your house and touch everything if they are packing and moving. To minimise the transmission,

  1. Wipe down all the surfaces before they arrive and open all internal doors (cupboards too)
  2. Pack your overnight and important items before they arrive and keep them separate
  3. Stay in different rooms to the ones they are packing
  4. Ask what their policies are for checking their employees are healthy
  5. Ask what their policies are for their employees working in close proximity with each other
  6. Will they be wearing face masks and gloves?
  7. Will they provide their own drinks and food?
  8. After they have unloaded all the furniture and boxes, before you start unpacking, wipe everything down with anti-bacterial wipes/spray.
  9. Whilst unpacking, wash your hands more often than usual.
  10. Do not touch your face.

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