Too many framed photographs? A real sticking point we come across time and time again when helping clients move house are the number of framed photographs they have.

These might be in frames on mantlepieces, side tables, welsh dressers. Or they might be framed on the walls. In creative collages. The professional studio photographs. Or just loose ones tucked in or blue-tacked anywhere.

A lot will be of children when they were small (probably who are now grown up with their own kids). If there are grandchildren, it’ll be the annual official school photos, family group photos on holiday. And possibly old photographs of ancestors, their own parents or grandparents.

Throwing away a good photograph can feel a bit like telling that person that you no longer love them. Which is obviously rubbish. The emotional hold and the desire to hang on to them all can be overwhelming. And having to reduce them in numbers can be emotionally upsetting. Especially when trying to make so many other decisions at the same time.

So what to do about them?

Firstly, take a deep breath. Then, ask yourself if the person in the photograph is going to love you any less if you no longer have that particular photograph of them on your sideboard. Then, ask yourself if you are going to love that person any less if you don’t have that particular photograph on your sideboard.

Secondly, get them all digitised.

And finally, when you get them all back, have a look at them. Chose your absolute favourite ones to adorn your walls or mantlepieces. But, bear in mind that no doubt more photos of your children and/or grandchildren will come your way in the near future.

Digitising photographs is a great way of avoiding that feeling of throwing away memories.

So if you have too many framed photographs out on display, chose your favourites but get them all digitised.

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