Prepare your house for sale

Making it easier for you to sell your house for the best price

Prepare your house for sale before putting it on the market and increase the asking price and reduce the time it takes to sell. Fact. Making small changes can make a massive difference to how prospective buyers view your home.

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After all, your house is likely to be your biggest financial asset and you need to think about how you can show off its value to best effect for prospective buyers. It really pays to help them to imagine how it would be to live there and build the life they want in your home; the harder this is for them to do – the less likely they will buy.

However, we know it can be difficult to look at your home with a fresh pair of eyes. After all, you can easily see all the positive features – but you may have grown blind to some of the negative aspects.

Which is why it can make sense to get some help with preparing your house for sale. Not only does it help to achieve the best price for you – it will also make your move easier, by decluttering those bits that get in the way of showing your house off.

We assess the property internally and externally and prepare a detailed plan to ensure the best first impression for prospective buyers. This could include decluttering, cosmetic redecorating and restyling – all of which, will increase the value of your property.

We will make your home warm and welcoming; clutter free and bright to help prospective buyers picture themselves living there.

Is the preparing your house for sale service right for you?

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Ways we can help you prepare for sale …

  • Decluttering – Decluttering your house makes it look more spacious. We help you declutter and clear it before the house goes on the market, including garages, lofts and sheds!

  • Paperwork – You’ve hoarded too much and don’t know where to begin! We sort the paperwork you want to keep, creating an easy-to-manage filing system. The rest we will be shredded securely.

  • Home refresh – Curb appeal is critical – some external clearing and updating can make the world of difference to first impressions. Pls, help your buyers to visualise their lifestyle in your house by opting for some low-cost upates to some key parts of the interiors. After all, no-one these days is looking for artex ceilings, avocado bathrooms or heavily patterned carpets!

  • Home staging – Let us maximise the space in your home using simple furniture placement and styling. Too much furniture is a major contributor to a cluttered look and can make a room look small. If you’re not taking it with you, we’ll find a new home for any excess furniture and belongings.

Remember, we build a plan around YOUR needs and can do as much or as little as you want us to.

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Meirion will quickly be able to assess what needs to be done and explain the sort of help that might be best for you, leaving you free to focus on your priorities.

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“Preparing your house for sale is SO important if you want to make sure you get the best price and that it gets bought quickly. Our job is to sensitively help clients see their much-loved house from a buyers point of perspective.”

One client’s story …

Mrs Bell

“Having helped me move my mother into care, The Homemover team then came to my rescue again when it came to selling the house. They advised me to look through the eyes of the buyer not my own.

The cottage was very pretty and in relatively good condition but you couldn’t see that as things had got out of control for my mother and it needed a lot of TLC. So, they helped me prepare the house for sale. Firstly they did a good declutter throughout the house. Then tidied the bedrooms, clearing all mothers unwanted clothes to charity for me and giving it a jolly deep clean. Finally, they arranged for a painter to come and repaint the entire house. And gardeners to spruce up the front and rear garden. The difference was amazing. The property went on the market and had full asking price within 48 hours.

Mr Bell Chiddingfold

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