So, I was sitting with a group of friends the other evening, catching up and talking about life in general – setting the world to rights – the usual; when the conversation started to veer towards the subject of houses and where we all wanted to live when we ‘grew up’. We are all in our early 50s and you would have thought at least one of us would be grown up by now, but to be honest it still feels like we’re playing at it.

We all lived the high life in London throughout our 20s, then had children and moved to “the country” to raise them with large gardens and a vegetable patch.

Now the kids are flying the nest (some faster than others), and we find ourselves starting to rattle around these lovely family homes of ours.

So now, what would be the rightsize house to live in and where would it be? Half of us decided (hypothetically) that we were moving to the coast, the other half were heading back to the city. And the house? Well. That’s easy – just smaller with smaller bills and less upkeep – giving us all much more time for the fun stuff, rather than household chores.

But actually, we’re not going anywhere.

Why? While we all want to be the right sized house – for our time of life, the expense of buying, selling, and moving makes it impractical. Not only are legal fees high but the change to stamp duty legislation has made moving house an extremely expensive hobby.

So for now, we’re all staying put. We’re not handing our family homes over to the next generation just yet, but we’re going to enjoy our gardens and fix that leaking shower and damp wall, we’ll wait until we’re really old and downsize to the rightsize!

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Feature Image: Ekaterina Kondratova