It is totally possible to reduce your stress on house moving day by planning it effectively. This means getting the right support in place. And it means thinking through your personal situation and the elements that need to be fitted in.

Planning and investing in making life easier for yourself will help you get things organised in the house so much more easily and quickly.

One of our unpacking teams was working with the nicest of clients last week. She had taken 36 hours off work. And the house needed to be straight within that time so she could get back to work. 3-bed, minimalist – a day and a half to unpack.

No problem – or so we thought

The team arrived to find two slightly wayward fluffy dogs running riot and a beautiful open plan house without a completely fenced garden.

The client had thought that the removals team would open and close the door behind them every time they came in with an item of furniture or a box. This was perhaps a little naïve. I don’t think I need to describe their response!

Thank goodness our ladies are both dog friendly. They had to take it in turns to be on dog sitting duty whilst the removals team carried box after box out of the lorry into the house through the open door.

Problem solved. But it meant that the unpacking team couldn’t focus on their responsibilities of actually unpacking and organising the new house. They managed to get the vast majority done but it’s always a bit unsatisfying not to complete our projects.

This lady had a menagerie of animals but it could well have been children or a job that hadn’t been put on hold.

As a result of this, our list of pre-move questions has been extended. To date they’ve included logistical things like addresses, contact details, length of chain, timings etc. From now on the list is a little more substantial and probing!

Wins all round in that respect but reduce your stress of house moving day but getting the right support. Think about getting a dog sitter; a grandparent to whisk the children away; and a team of unpackers.

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Photo by Hiro Takashima on Unsplash