So, there’s a new lockdown. So, what are the new rules about moving house in 2021?

Quite simply – you can. In fact, it doesn’t matter what tier you’re in, the housing market is open.

And there’s no need to bend the government guidelines as you’re allowed to view homes and use removals companies as normal. The only difference is if you can, don’t stray from your household bubble. But if you need outside help, then that’s fine too. So that’s a bit of a waste of typing!

Well that was simple wasn’t it!

The housing market is buoyant (according to the media) so if you want to take advantage of it, then you should. The stamp duty holiday runs out at the end of March so you have to be quick.

But I guess there’s a different question? How to do so safely in this time of COVID?

So, how can you stay safe? Unsurprisingly, by following the rules. Wash your hands, wear face coverings and make space for each other. But how does that work in practise?

If prospective buyers are coming around to view the house, go out. Leave all the internal doors open. When you come back into the house, wipe down all the surfaces and handles they might have touched. And open the windows to give the house a good bit of ventilation.

If you’re viewing houses, wear a mask, don’t touch the surfaces and wear a clean pair of disposable gloves to open doors and cupboards.

And when it comes to the actual move, ask your removals company how they’re making sure their staff are virus free? What are their COVID working procedures? Do they work in separate teams? Are they getting tested regularly? Are they full time employees or do they recruit as and when they need staff?

So the housing market is open – and the new rules about moving house in 2021 are the same as if there was no virus at all. Just be aware that getting mortgages and the conveyancing process is taking a lot longer than a few years ago!

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