If you’re moving house during this COVID pandemic, which lots of people are, please can I ask you to be sensitive to your suppliers COVID guidelines?

An incident arose this week which put me in a very difficult position. We resolved it amicably but it drained me of a lot of my emotional energy.

The client in question had contracted us to move them whilst they were away on holiday. It’s a wonderful way of moving house, and highly recommended! Imagine, packing your bags for holiday. Spending 2 weeks sunning yourself on the beaches of the South of France and returning to your new home which in your absence has been completed unpacked according to your instructions. Broadband and TV services up and running. And a fridge full of food.

Due to the air corridor between France and the UK closing last weekend, the family returned a week early from their holiday. They had been staying in a COVID hot spot. On returning, they obviously expected to be able to move straight into their house.

However, this left my team feeling very vulnerable.

What do we do? Do I ask my team to work in a house (in the full furnace heat) with a family who had just flown in? Would they be expected to work in masks to protect themselves, whilst the family were refusing to wear masks in their own home? Or do we walk away and say that the working conditions do not match our terms and conditions for COVID?

Several difficult conversations followed as the family genuinely appeared not to understand my concerns. I have to think about the health and safety of my staff. I also have to think about what would happen to the business if one of my staff fell ill and we had to all quarantine for however long it is now.

Finally, the family understood the severity of the situation. They agreed to continue their holiday after all, and rented an Airbnb on the south coast. Leaving us to complete their move happily.

So, if you are moving house during COVID, be sensitive to your supplier’s health and safety procedures. Small businesses like mine are still recovering from lockdown. Our H&S procedures are common sense and not extreme. We love helping people move house. We love taking the stress of our client’s shoulders. Please don’t heap unnecessary stress onto ours.

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Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash