When we help people move, there is always essential information discussed for moving day. This includes packing a box full of the absolute essentials, an overnight bag and a bag with your confidential and valuable items in

The essentials moving box is a must for any house move. It should have everything you need right up to the last minute in the house and everything you’ll need when you first arrive in your new home.

We also recommend packing an overnight bag which has everything you might need for your first night. This is cover all scenarios including a delayed completion or if the keys are late being released and you’re too exhausted to start unpacking.

And finally your confidential bag. This has your important paperwork and documentation for the move, contact numbers, your passports, jewellery, watches, and anything of high emotional value that if you lost or got damaged would be a catastrophe. Ideally, leave this with a trusted friend of family member close by.

So what does our essentials box have in it?

  1. Loo paper
  2. Kettle
  3. Tea/coffee/sugar/fresh milk
  4. Chocolate biscuits / snacks (we always have grapes and cherry tomatoes!)
  5. 6 coffee mugs (these double up as water glasses and wine glasses!)
  6. Teaspoons
  7. Washing up liquid
  8. Tea towel
  9. All-purpose cleaner and cloths
  10. Scissors/penknife to open the boxes
  11. Basic toolkit
  12. Emergency first aid kit
  13. Torch
  14. Radio/smart speaker to entertain you during the boring unpacking!
  15. Food for an evening meal or the menu from your local takeaway.
  16. A bottle of wine/beer and bottle opener
  17. Cash tip for the removers
  18. TV aerial and connectors
  19. Phone chargers

If you can, transport these boxes/bags in your car. If there’s not enough room, make sure the essentials box is last on and first off the removers lorry. Never entrust your confidential items to the removers – their insurance won’t cover its contents.

If you have children (of a certain age) or pets, please see if someone can mind them for you for a day or two. If not, bring toys, games, pet food and a lot of snacks for bribery!

So essential information for moving day includes thinking what you might need in your essentials box, packing an overnight bag, finding child and pet care and keeping your valuables safe.

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