So, there we are helping our client declutter before downsizing and moving house. We finally get to the loft. Having last moved 30 years ago; there are dozens of bags of old clothes, suitcases that haven’t seen the sun for heaven knows how long and some of the original packing boxes from the previous move.

“Oh, look it’s the Rainbow dolls”

“Don’t touch that box, it’s got all my daughters Take That memorabilia from when she was a teenager. She’d never forgive me if anyone else touched it”

“Do you think the charity shop would take that box of Lego?”

“Oh, that box looks like it’s filled with my late husband’s football nonsense – it can all be chucked”

Sometime’s it’s OK to ignore the client

And so, began the lesson in not necessarily doing what the client has instructed. A quick flick through the box of “football nonsense” turned into a trip through Woking Football Club’s history. Newspaper articles, hand written notes about how they had played that week and match programmes including the 1990/91 FA Cup Third Round Tie away to West Bromwich Albion where they came from a goal behind to win 4-2. It was an education in local folklore.

But the biggest prize was a copy of the 1966 World Cup Final Programme and the Evening Standard’s authoritative guide to the tournament.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked when helping people downsize, move house or declutter, is what to do with the items they no longer want. How do you know if it’s worth something or not? How not to be “ripped off” by auctioneers and house clearance companies saying there’s nothing worth selling when there is?


Educate yourself, find someone who knows or use recommended suppliers.

Go onto eBay and type in 1966 World Cup Program and there is a myriad of information. Did you know that the program was reprinted immediately after the match? And then again in 1970 and 1999, then in 2009 WHSmith sold a package with a DVD of the match and there are other reprints made in Germany. Thank you to “giorgiopin” for his buying guide.

So how to tell – well it’s all in the weight of the program, the paper and the picture quality of the pictures. The original weighs in at 130 grams’; this is heavier than the reprints. The original was printed in two sections – the outer was printed first and the inner once the finalists were known; this results in slightly different coloured paper. And the picture quality of the photos; in the original, there are 2 shades to the No.6 cigarette advert and the advert on the back cover has a definite red tinge to it whilst the reprints have more of an orange tinge to it.

So, was the program we found an original? Sadly, it was a reprint from 1966, but it her brother-in-law was delighted as he collects football programs and didn’t have a copy of this one (original or reprint). And as for the Woking FC collection, the Cards were delighted to have them donated back to them to continue building their library.

When decluttering, or clearing through old boxes, it is worth doing it with a friend or a professional as firstly it’s more fun and less tiring and secondly if they’re nosy you never know what they might find!

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