Time to declutter the kitchen?

Time to declutter the kitchen?

Time to declutter the kitchen?

The sun is out and you’re reaching into the back of the cupboard trying to find the picnic plates and you can’t help but notice the bottom of the cupboard is a bit sticky and dirty.

Or, you’re looking for the dried chillies to make Jamie Oliver’s “Ultimate roast chicken Caesar salad” and you knock over the old jar of Safeway Ground Turmeric and wonder when you last used it.

It’s time to declutter the kitchen.

Do one cupboard at a time. But make sure if you store similar items in different places (normally because there are too many to keep in one place ….. hint hint maybe you have too many??) get them all out at once.

Start with the herbs and spcies. Get them all out on the table and check their sell by dates. Now is the time to throw away any that are out of date (contents in the food bin, jars in the recycling). Make a list of the ones you’re keeping and their sell by dates and stick it on the door of the cupboard. That way, you can see at a glance what you’ve got when you’re shopping for a particular recipe and you don’t end up with doubles of everything! Who needs 2 jars of Fennel seeds?

Make a list so you don’t end up with doubles of everything!

Then food cupboards– and be honest, even if it is in date but you know you’re not going to use it, take it to the food bank.

Next, move onto the “everything” cupboards. Again, get everything out and clean it thoroughly. Be honest with yourself, how many thermos flasks do you need? Which plastic bowls, tupperwares, etc do you actually use? How many 12” cake tins can you use at once?

How many thermos flasks do you actually use at once?

And finally, the glasses and crockery.

Be honest with yourself, it’s time to get rid of anything that you don’t use anymore.

And if it’s all too much to do on your own, don’t forget, this is what we do …… call The Homemover now on 01483 255895.

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