Property Search Agent London and the Home Counties

How well do you know the area that you wish to move to?

Do you have lots of time to spend seeing properties that do not meet your brief?

Seeing a peaceful beautiful house on a Saturday afternoon is very different to seeing it at 7.45am on a weekday morning as your quiet country lane becomes a rat run or a traffic jam. Looking at a property online, is very different to driving up to it and finding an electricity substation on its boundary. You can search for local planning applications but what about those that haven’t been officially submitted yet? Are you buying next to a new Garden Village of 1500 houses?

Whether buying or renting, many properties never reach the open market.

Frustrating? Just a bit! But we can help. Through our extensive network of connections with estate and letting agents, developers, solicitors and other sector professionals we get access to all types of property long before they reach the open market.

That means we can more easily track down what you’re looking for, whether it’s an idyllic country house, a sophisticated city centre penthouse, a gated retirement home, or a sound investment property.

Our Property Search service begins with a free consultation, and then we’ll come back with our short list. If you go with a property we’ve suggested — or even if you don’t — you then have the option of switching to our Concierge Home Move service, which will see you right through to lights out at the end of moving day. You’ll pick up the service at roughly halfway through Stage 2 and from then on it’s exactly the same.

If you are weary of never finding your perfect property, give the Homemover Specialist team a call today and let us harness our insider Property search service Surrey and London knowledge on your behalf!

Our property search agents in London, Surrey and Berkshire are here to help.