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Property Search

Deciding when to move out of your family home and where to move to can be an emotional struggle for the whole family and sometimes independent care advice and guidance helps smooth the way. There may be many reasons behind the move, the house is too big to manage, loneliness, illness – physical or mental, etc. Whatever the reasons, there are always options to be considered.

Downsizing can take different forms – a smaller property, an apartment/house in a retirement village, a move to a residential care home or a nursing home. And care can take different forms too – live-in, in home care, or a care home.

Independent living

Whether you fancy a bungalow within walking distance to the shops, or an apartment in a retirement village with its own facilities and social life – you have options. Maybe you want to move closer to your family, maybe you don’t – wherever the right place is for you, we can help you find it and recommend in-home help where required.

Care Homes and Nursing Homes

Care Homes are graded by Care Quality Commission but there’s more to a care home than that – its staff and its attitude to their patients and families is so important. It can be overwhelming visiting and if looking for the first time it’s not unlikely not to know the right questions to ask. This is where our support and experience is valuable.

From our shortlist, you choose the properties you want to view and we’ll accompany you, offering you our informed and impartial advice.

Case Study

Mr and Mrs B had very different medical needs. Mrs B had fairly advanced dementia and Mr B needed nursing support. Their daughter, with a full-time job and 3 small children of her own was struggling to be able to find a suitable care home where, despite their differing medical needs, they could live together still.

We stepped in and found space in a lovely care home near the daughter’s home. We then helped them with the move, preparing the house for sale, managing the sales process and clearing the house once it had been sold.

“As an only child, I had no one to lean on or talk anything through with; having The Homemover in my corner gave me the support I needed to make really difficult decisions – not sure how I would have managed without you, thank you”.